Charities and Project Donations

Here at MedCap, we love to create fashion and quality medical products. Our business is medical wear however we also are committed to the support of various charities and the global community.

Extra items that are produced need a home and we at MedCap were able to match our need to give, to charities that also has a need to receive (what a wonderful opportunity!) Past year we were able to send to the organization MEDWorld over 300 medical surgical hats.


- Medical Equipment for the Developing World is an organization that is run from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - UNC Health Care.

MEDWorld is a volunteer non profit organization whose purpose is to collect unused medical supplies and materials and send them to developing countries where they can be used in clinics and hospitals serving the poor.  MEDWorld was created in 1999 by UNC physicians, medical students and hospital staff. Their focus was to find an opportunity to do community service on a global scale while improving staff morale and reducing hospital waste.

Their project statement shows the following charities assisted:

  • Little Samaritan Mission – a non-profit religious organization dedicated to serving the orphan children in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Counterpart International – Mission Statement states, through smart partnerships offering options and access to tools for sustained social, economic and environmental development. Counterpart’s innovative programs address health needs that communities themselves identify. Using the local experts and local resources, they implement programs that are culturally and technologically appropriate for the populations with whom they work. They work within traditional belief systems to improve community health, including improved maternal and child health and nutrition, a reduction in preventable illnesses, treatment of infectious disease, and care and support of HIV/AIDS, as well as access to quality health services.
  • International Resident Physician Projects - resident physicians and medical students traveling to developing countries to provide medical care to the poor are able to take supplies from MEDWorld. Local physicians and students have been able to take medical supplies to local clinics in countries like Bolivia, Cambodia, Cuba, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Jamaica, Nigeria and Romania.

Supporting Earthquake Relief in Haiti


In response to the earthquake and tragic events that have happened, we at MedCap are donating this year to the Red Cross to support and assist those in need in Haiti. We feel that the Red Cross is an excellent organization that has an established record providing for those throughout the world and it is our hope that the contribution will assist those needing medical care, food and other provisions. 


"Because We're Called To Care"   Inner City Health Center

In Denver, Colorado there is a private, nonprofit, volunteer-based clinic that provides medical and dental care to the poor and uninsured. More than two-thirds of Inner City Health Center’s patients qualify as members of the working poor- low-wage earners whose income falls 150 percent below federal poverty guidelines. It has been stated that most of the patients are people who work hard every day but don’t make enough to afford health insurance. Some of the benefits for Inner City Health Center can be reduction on prescription drugs.  Also physician visits are more affordable as the patients are charged on a sliding scale proportionate to their income.

MedCap Medical Wear was able to provided medical scrubs for this excellent organization as part of our mission to give back to the global community. We would like to thank this organization for the wonderful work that they do and trust that they are able to continue this most important effort .