Lights Snappi Two Satin Scrub hat
Lights Snappi Two Satin Scrub hat

Lights Snappi Two Satin Scrub hat

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Lights  Snappi Two Satin  Scrub hat by MedCap® is our  designed 4 pleated satin lined, cotton overlay euro closed fitted surgical hat that covers a varied of hair lengths both short and long.  The Snappi Two Satin Scrub Hat has adjustable cord stop on the back that allows for the individual,  secure fit.

MedCap® Snappi Two Satin scrub hat, a great fit and a snap to wear.

Adjustable with elastic and cord lock for custom fit

100% breathable cotton fabric outside

Satin Lined: Black

Durable construction for long lasting use, seams reinforced
Simplified close cut design accommodates most hair lengths
Quality crafted in the USA
Recommended care- Cold water wash and line dry
Snappi™ style 4 pleated back

* Fabric items may differ slightly as scrub caps are cut in multiples

Manufacturer's Product Number: ST2202

Manufacturer: MedCap®

Item: #ST2202

Care Label: Attached