How can I place an order with MedCap?

You can order your scrub caps, scrub hats and medical accessories on our secure Shopify line. We accept Credit card orders as well as accept PayPal.

How do you ship orders?

We ship all scrub caps, scrub hats, medical accessories by USPS. A confirmation receipt is included with your order, for easy tracking.

Where are the prices listed?

You’ll find all of the prices for our scrub caps, scrub hats, totes conveniently listed in our Online Store.

What are the fabrics on the products made of?

For our products (scrub caps, scrub hats, ), we use different blends of cotton, nylon,silky satin and 100% cotton fabric. The cotton ensures breathability and maximum comfort, and the high thread count fabric we use delivers a professional look. The silky satin fabric a protection for your hair. Our scrub hats that include sweatbands are also the best terry cloth fabric. Our scrub hat print fabrics are made of 100% cotton, as are our scrub hat solid fabrics. Our mesh scrub hat top fabric is made from washable wear 100% polyester. Satins from 100% silky satin fabric.

For more information please call (303) 898-3471, or contact us at medcap@medcapstore.com