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TIME to Make Time for A Healthier You or Exercise Tips For People Who Don’t Have Time To Exercise November 21 2016

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Letting Go of Stress September 11 2016

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Making This Summer Unforgettable June 12 2016

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Just for Fun Activities During the Holidays January 01 2016

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Tips for a Stress Free Holiday November 20 2015

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How to Decompress After These Hectic Shifts November 11 2015

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Scrub Hats for Fun: Tips for Looking Great October 25 2015

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Summer Peak and Time to Relax August 09 2015

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5 Tips for Reading Body Language January 29 2015

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Questioning in a Positive Way September 01 2014

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Senior Caregiving: Taking Care of You July 07 2014

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Making Positive Impacts May 05 2014

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How to Organize for a Clutter Free Life April 08 2014

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Ways to Keep Your Snacks Guilt Free This Year !!! January 01 2014




Everyone knows that snacking can undo an otherwise healthy diet. Most people do not stick with just three meals a day, so snacking is a regular part of life. This is actually a good thing since eating every few hours helps to stabilize your blood sugar level so you do not get insulin spikes that can have adverse effects on your overall health. But what constitutes a snack? Better yet—what constitutes a healthy snack? Here are some easy ways to keep your snacks guilt free:

  1. Plan your snacks. The biggest problem with snacks is that you are already at the hunger or starving point by the time you decide to have a snack. When this happens, you will reach for just about anything in sight in order to quickly satisfy those hard-to-ignore hunger pangs. But if you already have some healthy options on hand like fruit, cut up vegetables, nuts or a hardboiled egg, what you will grab are healthy, nutritious snacks that will leave you satisfied until your next meal.
  2. Keep the bad stuff away. Even if you have all the healthy stuff right in front of you, you will probably still be very tempted to go for the bad stuff. Eliminating it from your life (and your pantry) will mean the only option you have for a snack is a healthy one.
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Ways to Take Stress Out of the Holiday Season November 22 2013

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How to Exercise When You Have Only So Much Time October 13 2013



Everyone knows they need to exercise, but who has the time? You go to work, work your eight hours, ten hours, twelve hours, you know, go home toss the scrubs and scrub hats off… and then off running your kids here and there for their various activities. Perhaps after work you rush into the kitchen for that evening meal or spritz off to that scheduled volunteer project, but the point is, by the time you have time, who feels like exercising, right.

If you want to incorporate exercise time into your busy life, there are some ways to do that by using time during your day, and you will feel so…much better as the result!


Why not try rising perhaps about 20 minutes earlier than usual. A walk in the morning will help you wake up and feel rejuvenated for the day. If you are not a morning person, then maybe you can use your break time for a stroll. Using your lunchtime as a mini workout is a good way to get through the midday slump that many of us experience after eating. Sneak in exercise through passing up modern day conveniences. Example, try to take the stairs rather than the elevator on occasion. At first, this will be a challenging feat, especially if you go from floor to floor a lot. In time, though, your body will get used to it and you will be bounding the flight of stairs effortlessly.  


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Looking Professional, A Perspective on the Winning Look September 30 2013

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Finding Balance in Your Life September 13 2013


How do you find the perfect balance between home life, personal life and work life so that you can have a great you and add to the lives of others? What do you plan in your day when it is time to come out of those scrubs and scrub hats? If you have a jumble of stuff that requires running here and there and you feel as if you have accomplished nothing then it is time for a redo. Sometimes if we find out that we are off the mark in one section of our lives it is because there is energy going in just one direction – out go… out go… out go but no put in. Simply said, by the time we get time, there in no time. So how do you handle all of the demands: still getting it done at work, have personal times to refresh and a comfortable home life.   Balance!


Ok so what does that look like? Well for me it was 3 critical points: learning to actively put in priorities, remembering that only in the mind does an activity happen quickly (it always takes longer that you think it going to take…so keep that in mind when scheduling) be determined in having a place on the schedule for relaxation and using the word NO.


One basic great idea is have a working schedule that fits your life style and never over scheduling anything. Over scheduling will bring stress, your body recognizes it and behaves accordingly. Then look at the activities that you have on your daily agenda and deleting those that are not......Read More

Surgical Mission to Guatemala August 21 2013

To our friends at MedCap® Scrub Hats,

I just wanted to write a quick Thank You for your donation of Scrub Hats for our Surgical Mission to Guatemala.  

Our team from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia consisted of three surgeons, one anesthesiologist, one CRNA, three nurse practitioners, 12 nurses and three volunteers.  In under a week we were able to complete 70 pediatric surgeries while working with Partner for Surgery in Guatemala City.


Since its creation in 2001 Partner for Surgery has helped thousand of impoverished Guatemalans receive access to health care.  Partner for Surgery is a unique organization in that it focuses its attention of the rural pediatric population in Guatemala, patients who are often outside the reach of other organizations. 


In rural communities where jobs and transportation are scarce many people are frightened of doctors and lack them means to reach one.


Partner for Surgery works with Surgical teams from the US and across the globe to begin life-changing surgical and interventional care to the underserved communities and helps communities to strengthen their own health care systems. 


Many of the children we worked with through PFS travel from many hours away to receive surgical care and thus are often extremely unfamiliar with Westernized medicine and surgery.  The sterile rooms, standard issue scrubs and masks that we are so used to wearing can be frightening and overwhelming for the entire family but especially for the children, many......Read More

Making Time Work for You August 08 2013

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Reenergize Through Quick Meditation July 17 2013




Today quick meditation at work can be a serious energizer and stress reliever. There is no mystic or magical secret to meditation; it is a simple way to focus your thoughts and energy into a positive direction. If you are on your feet for hours or dealing with stressful healthcare issues you will need a few minutes in you day to gather your strength and focus your mind.  There are a couple simple techniques that you can do almost anywhere with a little privacy. A few of these techniques are as follows:


Quick meditation – this is a technique you would use on a break in a quiet place, whether in scrubs or a suit. It only requires 10 minutes, probably during a break or lunch. Sit quietly and comfortably and remember to close your eyes. Focus on your breathing making sure to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth at a consistent pace. After you have controlled your breathing, focus on relaxing your muscles starting your feet, moving up your legs, through your torso, and out your arms to your fingertips.


Focus your mind – this technique can be done at any time, anywhere even while wearing scrub hats. It's simply a matter of focusing your attention on one specific thing. You start by clearing your mind of all other thoughts. Then pick a sound or object around you, and focus on it. You can think about its pitch, tone, size or color. It seems silly yet it will help to focus your mind and push away other thoughts not dealing specifically with the task at hand.


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