Noir Floral Satin Pleated Featherweight Scrub Hat

Noir Floral Satin Pleated Featherweight Scrub Hat

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Noir Floral Satin Pleated Featherweight scrub hat by MedCap®, featherweight satin fabric, scarf like feel, bouffant satin fabric styled scrub cap helps fine and delicate hair by reducing wear caused by rub and friction that can come from long hours of wear. This pleated cap is designed to cover a variety of hair styles and lengths. The adjustable cord lock makes the bouffant an adjustable fit scrub hat and the banded single seamed front allows for that all important comfort on long working days. The bouffant scrub hats are made from silky satin fabrics, a variety of prints.

*Patterns may differ slightly as we cut multiples per item.

Individually hand crafted
USA made
Adjustable cord lock
Durable seams reinforced
Fun prints
Manufacturer's Product Number: SPB0887

Item:# SPB0887

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