Burgundy Snappi Solid Scrub Hat

Burgundy Snappi Solid Scrub Hat

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Burgundy Snappi™  Solid scrub hat is supra light weight and airy MedCap®, made from Poly/Cotton fabric.  The Snappi™ Solid is breathable and light, so light that you will hardly know you have it on.  Designed and crafted in the signature style Snappi  4 pleated back covers it covers many hair lengths short and long. Because the Solids  are made from Poly/Cotton airy fabric it is easy to care, washable and quick line dry.  The Snappi Solid has adjustable cord stop on the back  for the individual, secure fit and comes in a variety of colors.


Adjustable with elastic and cord lock for custom fit
Poly/Cotton  fabric 
Durable construction for long lasting use, seams reinforced
Simplified close cut design accommodates most hair lengths
Quality crafted in the USA
Recommended care- Cold water wash and line dry
Snappi™ style 4 pleated back


Manufacturer's Product Number: SOL07

Manufacturer: MedCap®

Item: #SOL7

Care Label: Attached