How to Organize for a Clutter Free Life




There's no doubt you spend a great deal of time rushing around, meeting the demands of work and of your personal life. Over time, you just build up frustration simply because you amass too much stuff. Living a clutter free life is an option, even if you have scrub hats and medical gear everywhere. A few tips can help you to have the type of organized, clutter free lifestyle you crave.

  • Know what you need, not what you may need. Sometimes, we try to prepare for too many "what if" situations and end up with a lot of stuff that's unnecessary. If you look into your bag, for example, how much stuff is there that you haven't used in the last week or more?
  • Take the time to organize your belongings. Fold up clothing, tuck away scrub hats or medical caps, and place smaller items into smaller bags. Just by organizing it all, creating a place for everything, you'll have more room and less clutter.
  • Store items where you use them and keep them in that place. It is a good idea to keep items like surgical caps where you need to use them. Avoid bringing them into offices or other locations. It's easy to tuck them into pockets, but this creates clutter in other locations.
  • Clean as you go. A big component of clutter is not keeping things put away. To minimize this, simply watch what you are doing each day and make changes to your habits. For example, that simple pen you use is likely to be lost multiple times a day simply because you do not put it back in the right spot every time. Do this with every type of belonging. Create a space for it to be and keep it there.

By minimizing the amount of clutter in your life, you'll have more time to spend doing the things you want to because you don't have to look for what's missing. With the right organization, and by keeping it that way, you'll minimize the effect that clutter has on your daily lifestyle.



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