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Stepping into February means being greeted by the warmheartedness of Valentine’s Day; yes, the poetic vibes of the “Roses are red,” the expressions of “love is in the air” seems to be found everywhere.  Yet, beyond the chocolates and floral bouquets, February offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the gift of time; so precious, and the importance of shifting extra energy and attention on those who matter in our lives.


Okay, so life’s hustle and bustle can be extreme at times, the month of February and particularly Valentine’s Day gives us a chance to not just celebrate that romantic love; but the love of family, friends, and those close to us; remembering those wonderful individuals that bring joy and enrichment to our lives.  Yes, a handwritten note; you know what those are, an act of kindness, a heartfelt conversation, why not use the month as a source of inspiration to find ways to nurture and deepen those relationships.


Now, in the time used reflecting on others, let’s not forget the important of self-care and self-love as we journey into a new year of promise, opportunities, and personal growth. Remember, taking time for ourselves isn’t selfish, rather essential to our well-being. February gives us the opportunity to reflect on those New Year’s resolutions; which may have included eating healthy, exercising, or simply making space to do nothing; reflecting time.


After all that is said and done; the month of February isn’t just a calendar month – it’s that reminder to us to cherish relationships, hold close those dear ones we love, and prioritize our well-being as we move through the year ahead.








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