New Year Resolutions...



What we promise ourselves as we move into the new year are those dreadful, funny, and even serious promises we are going to keep…. resolutions.

 This year it's time to ditch the heavy resolutions and support ourselves with a dose of humor and practicality. Let's face it, our professions, lives, friends, and families are demanding enough, so let's keep those New Year resolutions light, fun, and attainable.

 Let’s check out a few.

Why not prioritize mental well-being by incorporating brief moments of mindfulness into our daily routine. There are many deep-breathing exercises out there to use during a break or a few minutes of quiet reflection before starting the day.  Used at any time, they are quick, effective, and help manage stress.  After all, we all need that.

 Remind ourself to keep hydrated during the day. A water bottle at a work station with a few sips regularly is key to maintaining energy levels as well as focus, essential for any demanding profession.

 Movement such as taking stairs rather than an elevator, an outside break quick walk, or a gentle walk in a quiet area is so soothing and reminds the body that every movement need not be a demanding one.

 Consider setting boundaries for screen time, especially on smartphones and computers.  A brief digital detox especially before bed can improve sleep quality and reduce eye strain…think blue light issues.

Balanced meal planning, this is one area that gives you the biggest bang for your time.  Imaging trying to work without any energy.  When meals have no nutritional value, example… the candy bar, the body is put in stress mode, not good! So, packing healthy snacks and meals ensure you have the nutrition to keep your energy levels consistently high throughout the day, great!

 Sleep, we all wish at times we had more of it. Sometimes that regular sleep pattern ritual, isn’t going to happen.  If it does great, however, if that is not possible, look to finding a calming sleep area which is comfortable, good ventilation and dark surroundings, for even a quick power nap to regenerating self.

 Take a moment each day to reflect on the positive aspects of your work. Jot down moments of gratitude, yes journal, acknowledging the impact you have on patients' lives. It's a simple practice that can foster a positive mindset.

 Capping all of this off is gradual, small incremental steps, that will develop into sustainable change.  Yes, a seamless integration that reflects you, promoting a healthier and balanced lifestyle. So, here’s to resolutions and a fulfilling and well-rounded New Year.















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