Chignon Scrub Hats, Summer Fun

Have long hair and need to cover it up.  Then the Chignon scrub hat is a fun scrub hat to wear a ponytail scrub hat and it secures your hair in a comfortable way. Like to put your hair in a quick knot at the back then the Chignon hat has that extra space to allow you to tuck your knotted bun into the scrub hat, tie and done.  One of the things that I especially like about the Chignon Scrub hat is that it really does accommodate all of the hair and doesn’t leave strands sticking out.  The only thing that you must be sure to do is push your hair up into the hat’s pouch.



Since summer is here already we wanted to highlight the new summer fabrics, which are bold and colorful.  So the first colors we looked at were bright, big and unusual.  Also we were seeing a lot of turquoise out there so we knew at least one of the Chignon scrub hats, a ponytail scrub hat, had to be that color.  You will notice that we have selected the two pattern look on the Chignon scrub hats which was more difficult because we had to not only make sure that the colors are the same throughout the patterns but also that the patterns match, but we love the finished product. Working on more Chignon scrub hats, the ponytail scrub hat, so check in often.

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