Delight in Our Durable Designs

The other day I was listening to my friend describe a pair of shoes she had purchased. Shoes are her favorite accessory, and she’ll spend hours—sometimes even weeks to find that perfect pair. In this case she had found a pair of heels to compliment her outfit, which she wore to a good friend’s wedding. However, there was one ‘little’ problem. After wearing them to the wedding, the little piece of curl at the toe (not sure what to call it) came off.                                             




Durability…durability…goodness.  That darling pair of shoes just didn’t hold up!


This is one of the reasons we take the design of all of our scrubs, scrub hats and accessories at MedCapStore so seriously. What good is it to buy something you like and yet you are only able to wear it once because it was poorly designed and lacked durability? What good is a scrub hat if you wash it once and it falls apart?


As an example of our attention to detail in design and durability, let’s focus on the bouffant scrub hat. We look at all points of the hat that will be subjected to additional stretch and pull. After identifying these points, they are reinforced.


We choose the material for each product carefully, not only to be cute (and we love cute!), but also to ensure it will hold up to numerous washes. We want to be sure that when you find the perfect scrub hat, bouffant scrub hat or even medical tote, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a long time.




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