Fun, Relaxing, and Budget-Friendly Activities to Do with Your Family and Friends This Winter


The first snow is always a magical sight to encounter, no matter how many times you’ve experienced it over your life. As a fresh layer of white frozen powder transforms the vibrant autumnal landscape into a winter wonderland, what better time to celebrate the turn of the season than now? 

 Granted, the frigid weather and the winter blues bring their own set of challenges. But fear not, this year’s roundup of exciting and budget-friendly activities has enough to keep you, your family, and your friends entertained all season long. From adventurous outdoor activities to cozy indoor pursuits, your winter planning is bound to be merry and bright!


  1. Go skating outdoors

Everyone should have a blast on the ice this season. No matter where you live, it’s time to break out that pair of skates (or rent one at your local rink) and treat yourself to a delightful afternoon of family-friendly fun.

There are so many outdoor skating rinks you can go to for a whiff of that winter magic. Whether it’s a frozen pond, lake, or river, you are guaranteed a whimsical experience along with some fresh air and quality time with your loved ones.


  1. Visit a museum

We tend to take for granted what resides right on our doorstep. Museums can make for a fun and educational outing -all without breaking the bank. Whether you and your family are passionate about art, history, or science, winter is an ideal time to explore -the often-overlooked parts of your town.

Start by doing some research to find local museums that cater to your areas of interest and then make a plan to visit. You can choose to participate in a guided tour or roam from one room to another discovering and learning new things as you go. Either way, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.


  1. Organize a DIY spa day

Who says you have to stop at a candlelit bubble bath? Organize a full-fledged spa day right inside your home. You can make your own face and hair masks, body scrubs, soaps, and lotions for the ultimate DIY experience. Get your family and friends together for a relaxing day, put on some cozy bathrobes, paint each other’s nails, and relax to the sound of soothing music.

 This is the perfect opportunity to unwind and let go of all that pent-up tension after an exhausting week at work. The self-care experience doesn’t end here! Treat yourself (or your loved ones) to satin scrub hats this holiday season. Not only do they make for the ideal present but they’re designed to be gentle on hair and protect it from tangles all while maintaining its volume.


  1. Make your own snow globes

Who doesn’t love a beautiful snow globe? Surely nobody can resist the temptation of shaking one up and watching all the glitter and snow rain down on the adorable figurines. So let’s get creative and make our own this year. All you need are a few empty jam jars, water, glitter, and some glycerin.

 You can make your own figurine with polymer clay or you can use a festive plastic toy and glue it to the underside of the jar’s lid. Once it’s set, you can fill the jar with water and add a bit of glycerin and glitter. Screw on the lid, flip the jar over, and TA-DA!


  1. Go to a local market

Local markets can be fun seasonal events so don’t miss the opportunity to visit one this winter. They’re certainly a surefire way to get in the spirit of the holidays. From purchasing holiday supplies, decor, and unique gifts to indulging in delicious treats, your local market can provide you with a one-stop shop where you can stock up on everything you need to last you through the winter.

 The winter season certainly has its perks and you can take advantage of the beautiful scenery, the wonderful holidays, and the cozy atmosphere by exploring what your community has to offer (along with the ideas in the list above). Don’t forget to bundle up and stay warm when bracing the outdoors though. Now go have some magical winter fun!



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