Making This Summer Unforgettable



As temperatures get warmer this summer, many people are looking forward to a more relaxed atmosphere, time with family and friends, good food and some rest and relaxation. Time off and lengthy vacations don’t always come standard in the life of a medical professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take hang up that scrub hat, and take this summer season to a whole new level by trying some new things! There are ways to enjoy the season and make some memories while you’re at it.


Learn Something. Ever thought about learning how to line dance, speak a foreign language, play an instrument, or rock climb? Use this fresh new season to pick up a new habit or talent! The next few months are going to fly by whether you choose to use them to better yourself or not, so why not learn something new? With YouTube, Google, and the good ol’ fashioned library at your fingertips, training your brain to do some new tricks is a great, healthy and productive way to add some fun to your summer. Just think about the confidence you’ll gain by impressing your colleagues with a new dance move, fancy new birdhouse that you built by hand, or the sweet tune you’ve learned to play on your trumpet. Use this time to learn something new, and watch how it positively affects the rest of your year!


Turn Your Thumb Green. Pick a place, whether your front, side or backyard, and plant a garden. Or if a garden seems to daunting, start with a single potted plant. Grow something. Tending to something outside, even for a few minutes each day, is a great way to relax, and gives you something to look forward to. If you are already an expert gardener, take advantage of the sunshine and the rain this summer to expand your garden, try planting new veggies or flowers, and watch your yard blossom. Invite friends over for dinner and include vegetables and/or fruits from your garden.


Be A Tourist. If you do have the luxury of taking some time away from the office, take advantage of it! If you are limited to just a few days, be a tourist in your own town and state, and explore the local areas around you. Find great places to camp, try out a romantic Bed and Breakfast, or check out a museum. You don’t have to go far to enjoy your time off. If traveling the world is you idea of the perfect summer vacation, research a few places you’ve never been, look up events and attractions that fit your family’s interest, pack up and go! Whether you decide to stay close or jet set, being somewhere a little different than usual is something the whole family will appreciate this summer.


Do Kid Stuff. Visit a water park, have friends over for an adult kickball game, or, if it’s too hot, break out the board games and have a game night. For most of us, summer was a time we looked forward to as kids, but sometimes we can lose the sense of excitement and fun that comes with the hot summer months. Reconnect with your inner child and do a few things that bring back sweet memories of summer. Visit the beach; spend the whole afternoon in the pool, run through the sprinklers, (it may be better to do this one if you have kids, if you do it by yourself your neighbors may start to worry about you.)


Enjoying the summer doesn’t take a lot of time, money or effort. And really, it’s not supposed to! Summer time is about taking a breather, spending time with people you love, getting a little bit of sun, and gearing up for another busy year.


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