How To Have The Perfect Staycation


Okay let just see what the definition say........

Stay·ca·tion   stāˈkāSHn/ noun     informal

  1. a vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.


Well, Staycations are the perfect way to escape the routine of every day life, without spending a lot of money or traveling too far. People all over the country are deciding to explore their own city or state instead of traveling abroad, and the benefits are endless. Not only do you save so much money by spending your down time in a near by place, you also learn a lot about your own backyard. It is more realistic to take 2-3 days off and stay in the same city or state, than to try to plan multiple airline flights, hotel stays, transportation for a longer period of time. For families with kids in school, planning vacations around school schedules can be an obstacle, but many successful staycations can last the span of a weekend, minimizing the time the kids have to be out of school.


It’s important to set a budget ( so important when you want to relax after the fact ) and do your best to stick with it. Since you’re not buying airline tickets, you can spend more money on experiences. Do some research to find out what activities and events are going on around you, and pack your day with new and exciting things to do. Depending on where you live and where you’re traveling to, you may or may not need to book accommodations at a hotel, vacation rental, or bed and breakfast. The benefits of staying close to home is that you can go out and explore, and then crash in your own bed, for free, at the end of the day.


A staycation, much like a regular vacation, is all about having fun and creating memories. If staying home, watching Netflix and ordering pizza is something you never get to do, then go for it! Enjoy some down time. But if your routine consists of a lot of the same things, break out of your comfort zone a little. Travel a bit further and try out a public park, a museum or a theme park. Even if it means driving a few hours, get up early and make a day (or two) out of it. Break out of your normal routine and have some fun!


Spurge and get the massages, order room service, go out to dinner, and plan an excursion or two. Just a night or two in a gorgeous hotel is an excellent way to treat yourself, without breaking the bank. Families with kids can find hotels geared more towards little ones, and can enjoy family time by the pool or at the playground. Some hotels even offer child care so parents can go out for a nice dinner.


For some, staycations mean art projects, camping in the backyard, and a picnic lunch at a natural park. For others, it means a lot of sleeping, Netflix, and Chinese food delivery. And for some, it means a few days packed with activities, adventures and new things to try. Everyone has a different opinion of their perfect staycation, but one thing is certain: As long as you’re doing what you love, with the people you love, you’re doing the staycation thing right.

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