Ultimate Guide to Getting More Energy


When you are at work or at home there are plenty of things to do in order to increase your energy level. Sit back in your scrubs and scrub hats while reading this ultimate guide to getting more energy. Below is a list of 15 ways to increase your overall energy level.                                                   


    1.    An Early Start – early bird gets the worm is a great saying, set that alarm 15 minutes earlier and achieve even more.
    2.    Stretch it out – start the morning with a quick stretch before you hop out of bed.
    3.    Quick Work out – spend 20 minutes on an anaerobic exercise to increase your heart rate.
    4.    Small Power Breakfast – eat a power breakfast of porridge, fruit and nuts or yogurt.
    5.    Add a Coffee – either to your morning routine or morning break, it quick starts your brain.
    6.    Walk – taking the stairs, while carrying those med totes can increase your metabolism.
    7.    Avoid Junk – forget the fast food and other processed foods. Stick to natural foods.
    8.    Cold Jolt – take a page from the Romans and splash some cold water on your face.
    9.    Go Green – coffee not your cup of tea, switch to Green Tea for a shot of caffeine and anti-oxidants.
   10.    Nap Time – find a quiet spot and snooze for 15 minutes and see the amazing results.
   11.    Add Water – keep the coffee to 1 or 2 a day and supplement water for juice or other soft drinks.
   12.    Eyes UP – take your eyeballs of the glaring computer screen for 5 minutes every 35 minutes.
   13.    Laugh it up – find a joke website and have a good laugh.
   14.    Fast Meditation – take an afternoon meditation break, breathing deeply and invigorate your brain.
   15.    Walking on Sunshine – take a brisk walk around the block after work.

Now you have an amazing list of quick and easy tips to get more energy either in your work scrubs or at home.








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