Reenergize Through Quick Meditation




Today quick meditation at work can be a serious energizer and stress reliever. There is no mystic or magical secret to meditation; it is a simple way to focus your thoughts and energy into a positive direction. If you are on your feet for hours or dealing with stressful healthcare issues you will need a few minutes in you day to gather your strength and focus your mind.  There are a couple simple techniques that you can do almost anywhere with a little privacy. A few of these techniques are as follows:


Quick meditation – this is a technique you would use on a break in a quiet place, whether in scrubs or a suit. It only requires 10 minutes, probably during a break or lunch. Sit quietly and comfortably and remember to close your eyes. Focus on your breathing making sure to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth at a consistent pace. After you have controlled your breathing, focus on relaxing your muscles starting your feet, moving up your legs, through your torso, and out your arms to your fingertips.


Focus your mind – this technique can be done at any time, anywhere even while wearing scrub hats. It's simply a matter of focusing your attention on one specific thing. You start by clearing your mind of all other thoughts. Then pick a sound or object around you, and focus on it. You can think about its pitch, tone, size or color. It seems silly yet it will help to focus your mind and push away other thoughts not dealing specifically with the task at hand.


Now you know these simple techniques you can feel confident at work in your scrubs, scrub hats, stress free.


                                                                                    - Pat 


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