Making Time Work for You




The most productive people in the world know something that the rest of us don't. Do they know how to move faster, make decisions quicker, or get more things done in a day?


No. They just know how to get the right things done.


They know the time management secret.


About a century ago, management consultant Ivy Lee offered to help make Bethlehem Steel CEO Charles Schwab more productive than ever before. His advice was simple:


Every day, make a list of six things you need to get done. Rank them in order of importance, then work on them in that order. Don't move on to a lower-priority item until you've completed the one above it.


That's it.


If one of the smartest business executives in the world was willing to pay so much for this advice, what kind of results do you think it could have on your life?


Ask yourself one question, right now:


What are the six most important things you must do tomorrow?


Learn to use Lee's technique:


1. At the end of each day, write down the six most important things you must do tomorrow. (And write down only six, or you risk overloading yourself.)


2. Rank those six things in order of priority, with #1 being the most important (and often the most difficult).


3. First thing in the morning, start working on item #1. If you need to deal with an urgent interruption, do it -- and then get right back to item #1 until it's done. Don't start working on a less important task until everything above it is complete.


4. If you don't finish everything on your list today, put it on tomorrow's list.



Simply easy and that is a good thing!



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