Looking Professional, A Perspective on the Winning Look





The Look. From top to bottom, a professional looking you says so much to patients, families and co–workers: care, competence and proficiency. There are ways to look your best on the job that are not expensive, time consuming, nor overwhelming. So here are just a few quick inexpensive ways to display professionalism and look your best on the job.

Ensure your medical attire fits appropriately. Your scrubs or medical wear should fit where you can easily bend and move around when working. Skin shouldn’t be exposed as you are reaching for the gauzes on the second shelf or when you are stooping over to pick up the pen you dropped. When working with patients, your attire should move with you, comfortably and easily. You may want to go an up a size more than you normally wear to ensure you have the room to move or try a new brand. Remember just because everyone is wearing brand X, if it doesn’t fit your body type, be bold and look into another style that works for you.

Keep your work clothes stain-free: Know that stains are probably going to happen as part of your work environment, and a lot of those stains are going to be difficult to remove, so why not look into products out there that are specifically for use on scrubs, labs and other medical wear and keep it always available. Try and apply that product as soon as you get a stain and If the stain doesn’t come out then reconsider a new set of new medical wear - some come with stain guard already produced in them.

Shoes. Don’t think people will not notice your shoes? Well…they do especially if your shoes are ill fitting, with a few rough areas on them. Look for a shoe with comfort fit and durability for those long working hours on your feet.

Keep jewelry simple. Big, dangly earrings are not professional. Wear studs or anything that is simple and plain. No jangly bracelets or necklaces either. They are not practical on the job anyway.

Wear your pins and identification. Wearing your nursing or medical pins show that you earned the title of your position. It shows that you have accomplished something and displays that you have been trained in a specialty.

Look your best in your medical attire while on the job. You will project that professional and competent you.



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