How to Exercise When You Have Only So Much Time



Everyone knows they need to exercise, but who has the time? You go to work, work your eight hours, ten hours, twelve hours, you know, go home toss the scrubs and scrub hats off… and then off running your kids here and there for their various activities. Perhaps after work you rush into the kitchen for that evening meal or spritz off to that scheduled volunteer project, but the point is, by the time you have time, who feels like exercising, right.

If you want to incorporate exercise time into your busy life, there are some ways to do that by using time during your day, and you will feel so…much better as the result!


Why not try rising perhaps about 20 minutes earlier than usual. A walk in the morning will help you wake up and feel rejuvenated for the day. If you are not a morning person, then maybe you can use your break time for a stroll. Using your lunchtime as a mini workout is a good way to get through the midday slump that many of us experience after eating. Sneak in exercise through passing up modern day conveniences. Example, try to take the stairs rather than the elevator on occasion. At first, this will be a challenging feat, especially if you go from floor to floor a lot. In time, though, your body will get used to it and you will be bounding the flight of stairs effortlessly.  


Guilty of trying to find the closest spot in the parking lot to the front door, if you make a point of choosing a spot further away, even a slight distance from the main entrance, you will add extra steps to your work out. You will be amazed at the extra health benefits. Accumulating more steps a day quickly add up in a month’s time. Do this to boost your daily activity and your training without a specific workout time.


Now if your work involves a computer/office/desk, try getting up more often so you can stretch and move around. If possible invest in a pedal exerciser, or other newly developed devices that you place under your desk that allows you to pedal as you work, a great way to burn calories and get your blood flowing without using extra time out of your day.


Increase your activity without using up any extra time. Allow yourself a new way of thinking about exercising with the benefits that last a lifetime

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