TIME to Make Time for A Healthier You or Exercise Tips For People Who Don’t Have Time To Exercise





Some people say they don’t exercise because they don’t have the time. Others don’t exercise because they don’t have the information. But you say, some times after a hard day at work who has the desire. Let’s be honest, in the medical field, with crazy work schedules, demanding to-do lists, and limited free time WHO HAS TIME TO EXERCISE or the energy for that manner. “ Exercising a low priority! Right.


Well, (SMILES) exercise is proven to improve your overall health, reduce stress, make you happier, improves your focus and concentration, and keeps you in top shape so you can be the best at what you do. Sounds wonderful! So… how can you get from where you are to where you want to be? How about some everyday conscious adjustments to your daily routine that will help you lead a more active, healthy lifestyle feeling great and within your Time limits.


As tempting as it is to circle the parking lot for the closest spot the front of your hospital, office, or building, make a decision to find the farthest spot and park there. There are two benefits in choosing this spot.

  1. A) You’ll be closer to the exit when it is time to go, and therefore get home 15 seconds sooner than you would have if you parked in the first spot and
  2. B) The walk from your car to the front of the building is a great way to burn calories first thing in the morning.


A brisk walk, even if it is only a 3-minute walk, is a great way to get your heart beating and fresh air in your lungs at the start of a new day! Throughout the day, take the stairs over the elevator whenever you can. This little adjustment will really add up, and your buns and legs will thank you!


You don’t need fancy equipment or fashionable workout wardrobe to get a work out in wherever you are. Exercises that use only your body weight can be done in almost any office, hotel room (if your job requires a lot of travel) or in the clinic. Resistance bands don’t take up a lot of space, and can be great tools to use in intervals throughout the day to strengthen and tone your muscles.


Oh yes, you can do your computer work while also making your bodywork.
Check out your body while in sitting position. Make sure you have a good chair that is designed for deskwork. Shoulders back, back straight and computer monitor at eye level. Stretch neck, arms, and legs while sitting. Stand up and walk every half hour to ensure continuous blood circulation. If focus on computer avoid eye strain take eye break and look around at something distant. There you go, you’re multitasking!

Squats and lunges are easy exercises that you can do in short breaks throughout the day (when nobody is around) that get your heart pumping and burn calories. Oh and don’t forget to hydrate, have your water with you WATER!!! Drinking plenty believe it or not will make you feel more alert… coffee, sugar, cream well that is a different topic. J


Most healthcare professionals are always on the go. They’re walking to and from appointments, meetings, and other important matters. If you’re trying to step up your exercise game, make a goal to do your walking a bit faster. Make small goals, like 45 seconds to get one from conference to the other, or 2 minutes to get rom the cafeteria and back to your desk. Picking up the pace, even just by a little bit, is an excellent way to vamp up the cardio in your daily routine.


So toss away those excuses, start today with a new, more positive “can-do” attitude. “ Little changes in your routine are easy to make, easy to follow through with, and can add up to big results. The journeys of a thousand miles starts with a single step (or squat, or walk from the back of the parking lot.)



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