Forward: The Myth of a Plateau



Perhaps you mark it down to seasonal slumps or even a mental funk, but there are definitive moments when most of us thoroughly feel "stuck". Call it a rut, a case of the proverbial "blahs" or a plateau, but don't for a moment believe it is permanent. You can become unstuck, and you can use the following steps to your advantage whether you hit a plateau in diet, exercise, career or anything else.

  • Do It Differently - You and a partner go on a date to an unusual spot (a pottery class or a food crawl in a historic area of a city, for example). It is a terrific time that reboots your relationship to a happier and more positive condition. You want to maintain this positive direction so repeat the performance, but this time it doesn't work so well. This is a main reason for ruts and plateaus. Don't always do things the same way if you wish to see progress. So, try that new streaming workout instead of the usual cardio program, eat lunch for breakfast and do something new to stimulate yourself out of that sense of being stuck.
  • Don't Shortcut - Another reason that you may feel stuck in something is that you are going for the famous "path of least resistance". This is the human brain's way of seeking instant gratification, but it is also a good way to get stuck. Rather than looking at the "long way" and feeling a bit defeated by the trek ahead, break it into smaller, achievable goals and you'll avoid being stuck by failing at shortcuts.
  • Note the Time - Is this the right time for you to be doing whatever it is you feel "stuck" about? Whether it is dieting and exercising, starting a relationship, beginning some new path…if it is not the right time, you will stagnate and even give up repeatedly.
  • Stop Thinking Stuck - You are never truly stuck, but probably overly attached to the result you want or not consistent enough in the ways you can get where you are going. Reassess that idea of stuck.

Just four little tricks can help you hop out of the rut and meet goals or achieve the success that has seemed out of your grasp.


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