Veg Out for Health



Need a healthy diet that works? Then veg out.

Vegetables are an essential part of any healthy diet, helping with weight loss, disease prevention, and an increase in energy. Plant foods are low in fat and often packed with nutrients, such as vitamin A, C, folate, and fiber. Including vegetables in your daily meals produces a ton of personal health benefits.

So how do you include more vegetables in your daily meal planning? It turns out being health isn’t so hard after all! There are a number of simple ways to consume more veggies and boost your overall health.

Stop Seeing Veggies as a Side Dish

When people meal plan, they often envision meat with vegetables and grain on the side. But there is no need to plan your meal around a meat. Grilled vegetables taste delicious with rice, and there are many versatile vegetables, like sweet potatoes and eggplant. Start small by introducing a weekly meat-free dinner night. This will force you to research dishes that center around vegetables, and you can begin to build experience with cooking veggie-packed dinners.

Snack Smart with Veggies

Vegetables don’t always have to be part of your dinner plans. There are many ways to turn them into snacks, to munch on throughout the day instead of chips or sweets. Carrots and celery go great with hummus for a snack, and they’re easy to pack into a Tupperware container.

Enjoy the Benefits

Eating vegetables regularly will help you control your weight, lower your cholesterol, and give your energy a boost. Keep your diet healthy by including vegetables in every meal, including for snacks, and enjoy the results.

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