When you’re doing good work and feel a momentum going, that rush can be exhilarating. Momentum can also be difficult to maintain, especially when you factor in issues like stress and health. Burnout is very real, and can often cause us to lose our momentum in terms of our lifestyle and health goals.

Don’t lose your momentum. Make a plan to keep up your energy level and knock out each and every one of your goals.

Make Realistic Goals

If you set a complex long-term goal right at the start, it may lead you to eventually run out of steam before you experience any successes. Build your momentum by taking thoughtful steps in your work. Give yourself a foundation of achievement before plunging into a plan that may take a while to see any results with.

Try New Things

Variety is the spice of life. You may have several hobbies you greatly enjoy, but it’s also nice to try something new every now and then. Setting a goal, a new challenge, in a new area can be inspiring, and fill us with a new swing of momentum. Don’t let yourself get bored by switching it up every once in a while!

Remember What First Inspired You

What first inspired you to start that new workout routine, or new work project? Don’t let yourself forget what caused you to come to your decision in the first place. Sometimes, as time passes, we may forget the feelings that originally drove us. Find time to dwell on the factors and experiences that motivated you and let them rekindle your momentum.


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