Keeping JOY





Keeping JOY?

It's no exaggeration that millions of people authentically believe that they cannot keep joy in their lives. Most will argue that there is just too much stress, disappointment or unhappy in the world to maintain an ongoing level of joy. While they are accurate in that general concept, the reality is that we all know that round the clock joy is an unrealistic expectation. However, you can improve upon your current level of joy (or joylessness) by taking some very simple steps.

Not only will this enable you to reconnect with whatever it is that brings you your bliss, but there are noted health benefits from transitioning into a more positive mindset and outlook. Less stress, lower blood pressure, weight loss and other benefits are there to be enjoyed by reconnecting with your joy.

  • Inventory - What matters most to you? What makes you happiest? Chances are you are like many others and have lost touch with these things. Take a few moments to identify these things and then begin to develop ways you can savor experiencing them.
  • Play at it - It doesn't matter how old you become, you always need a bit of play time. There is no truth in the statement that you have too much to do each day and just cannot play. You can sing at the top of your lungs in the car. You can look up a joke a day on the Internet to get a good laugh - and share it with others (only if appropriate). You can take five minutes to tell or write a story, you can cook a meal, go bowling with friends, and do whatever sort of play you enjoy.
  • Forget it - Let go of what you don't need. Grudges, upset, turmoil…take time to write a letter to that person/thing/issue you no longer need, and though you won't send the letter, you can let everything go afterward.

You can keep your joy, but you may have to first find it. Once you do, make sure you engage with it each day and you'll soon see just how effective joy, as a force for wellness, can become!

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