Veg Out ....... July 23 2017





Veg Out Effectively.......

Here are two scenarios that merit serious comparison: In the first scenario, you arrive home at the end of a hectic day, give a sneer to that sink full of dishes, ignore the email you know is waiting, and forget about those phone calls you had planned. You flop down on the sofa just to catch your breath before rolling up your sleeves and getting to work, and then you decide to watch a bit of that show that always cheers you up. Fast forward several hours later when you finally look at the time and realize you've just burned through hours that might have been far more productive. Your stress levels zing a few notches higher.

The second scenario is almost identical. You arrive home to the same dishes, workload and responsibilities. You still opt to flop on the couch and you still burn through those hours zoning out in front of the TV. Only in this scenario you savor every moment of the programming and click off the TV with a satisfied grin. No guilt, no stress, nothing but relaxation.

Now, you already know that these are two identical situations. It is simply that we are describing two different perspectives. The latter, according to the British Psychology Society, is the optimal way to approach the situation. Rather than looking at your time vegging out as a waste of time or as undesirable procrastinating, it is much more productive and healthy to simply enjoy your leisure time. As one article explained, the "next time you're totally overloaded and find yourself mindlessly watching TV…just remember: you're already doing it, so you may as well enjoy it." In fact, relaxation of this type only works (i.e. relaxes you mentally and physically), if you allow yourself to do it! So, veg out and savor the benefits!