You may feel yourself going strong, accomplishing a lot of work, and then it happens – you get stuck. You may find goals that you once thought were obtainable suddenly out of reach. This feeling can be frustrating, and it may feel like it will last forever.

If you find yourself in a rut, don’t worry. Getting unstuck is possible. There is no need to wait around for your circumstances to change when you can help yourself climb out of it with a few internal strategies.

Take Time to Listen to Yourself

The best way to obtain a new perspective on your situation is to take some time by yourself to meditate and collect your thoughts. It may be frustrating to struggle to obtain your goals, but it is okay to sometimes take a break from work and ask questions. You may find it is easier to contextualize your stress after you give yourself a moment to relax.

Start Small

If you’re struggling to make a breakthrough with work, try focusing on smaller steps that can move you toward your goal. Change something about your work routine, or your environment, and observe the effects. Though the change may be small, even a little progress can help stimulate your work. A number of small changes can be just what you need to move forward.

Foster Self-Confidence

Remind yourself of your capability. Write down what you believe to be your top strengths and accomplishments, and keep that list somewhere close – in a wallet, or on your desk. Sometimes we forget about our accomplishments and the traits that helped along the way. Keep that information close at hand so you remember. Self-doubt can snowball and sabotage our work. Fight back these thoughts by actively boosting your self-confidence. Don’t let yourself forget about the good you have done.


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